Monthly Archives: March 2016

Shonen Jump To Publish Monthly “Boruto” Manga

Boruto Manga

It looks like the offspring from Naruto and Hinata will have his own official monthly manga. Shonen Jump’s “next generation” website officially announced the new manga to be publish in Shueisha’s Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump beginning May 9th. Naturally this will make it’s way to Viz Media’s Shonen Jump.

“Pokemon Co-Master” Coming Soon To A Smartphone In Your Pocket

Pokemon Co-Master

The Pokemon Company isn’t wasting time in their attempt to takeover mobile gaming. The company has teamed up with a famous A.I Japanese firm to create a new board game-like Pokemon mobile game.

Terra ForMars Live Action Movie Debuts Full Trailer

The trailer and CGI looks amazing. Just look at that “embed” pictured! Terra Formars will releasing in Japan April 29. The studio behind the movie is Warner Bros, previous live-action from anime/manga include “Death Note” and “Rurouni Kenshi.”

Sony Shuts Down Playstation TV Globally

PlayStation TV Dead

Sony is shutting down the Playstation TV only a year and half since its ambitious push into the set top-box market. This one really could have been a home-run for Sony and the rest of the  Playstation environment. In theory the Playstation TV was the complete package with all the right things going for it.