Monthly Archives: August 2016

Final Fantasy Jumps Into Your Pocket With “Mobius Final Fantasy”

Square Enix released a trailer to celebrate the official launch of “Mobius Final Fantasy.” The latest smartphone game in the Final Fantasy lineup. Mobius is billed as a “console-quality” game packed into an app. 

Sword Art Online TV Series To Be Produced

sword art online live action

The mega-popular Sword Art Online series that’s been adapted from light novel to anime to manga will now get its very own live-action television series. The independent company Skydance Television have purchased exclusive rights for a global live-action release. Laeta Kalogridis will write the script for the pilot and will serve as executive producer. She has a “first-look” deal with Skydance Television.

Checkout Digimon Tri’s Part III 1st Visual

digimon trii 3

First Digimon Tri Part III Visual
digimon visual iii

The movie will be released this September.