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“Final Fantasy XV” 101 Introduces You To Characters, Gameplay And More

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix, the developer and publisher for the popular fantasy and sci-fi role-play series will be releasing their long, long-awaited “Final Fantasy 15,” simultaneously and around the world this November 29. The game was built for both long-time fans and new players that may have not had the chance to play a “Final Fantasy” game. In anticipation for the release the publisher has released a small but expansive “tutorial” video showing you characters, abilities, the world and of course gameplay.

Anime Expo Releases A Video Showing Influence And Power

anime expo 2016

Anime Expo grows year after year, and 2016 was no different. The organization behind the giant convention for anime and Otaku released a video showing off some numbers, and subsequently their influence and power in the industry we all love and adore.

Funimation Picks-Up “Dragon Ball Super” License For N. America

Dragon Ball Super

Funimation made an exciting announcement via their blog today. The company known for its roots in “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z” have acquired the rights to stream and dub the latest installment in the “Dragon Ball” franchise, “Dragon Ball Super.” This is the first new story for the popular fighting franchise from Akira Toriyama in 18 years! The deal includes the right to stream, digital download, and home video distribution for the United States and Canada. 

“Dragon Quest VIII” 3DS Port Coming N. America January 20Th

Dragon Quest VIII - Journey Of The Cursed King

Nintendo, announced a port for 2004 release of “Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King. Originally available for the Playstation 2. The game was previously ported to the iOS and Android locally in Japan in 2013 with a world-wide release in 2014. Nintendo also ported the game for the Japanese Nintendo 3DS in 2015. A full year later the company has decided there was enough demand for a North American Nintendo 3DS port.

“Persona 5” English Trailer Reveals Ryuji Sakamoto

All Personal 5

Persona 5: Ryuji Sakamoto

Atlus isn’t standing still with the launch of Persona 5 in the West just around the corner. This week they’ve released a video unveiling the face under the mask of Ryuji Sakamoto, showing off some gameplay and some of the voice acting you’ll hear while playing the latest installment.

Persona 5 will be launched in the West November 14.

Pokken Tournament Updates Roster Showcasing Crognunk

Pokken Tournament: Crognunk

Pokken Tournment, Bandai Namco’s fighting arcade game just updated their roster to include a new Pokemon, Crognunk. The blue frog that takes on classic Pokemon like Pikachu and Charizard in the video below:

(Pokken Tournament: Official Bandai Namco Video)

Crognnk will be available November 10. Another Pokemon will be announced sometime in the future, this makes the 20th playable Pokemon in “Pokken Tournment.”