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Robin William’s Daughter “Zelda” Helps Raise $5,000 For Mental Health Charity

Robin Williams And Daughter Zelda

It’s a beautiful thing to see celebrities use their influence to promote a cause that many suffer, especially one that cannot be seen. Mental health organization Brain & Health Foundation teamed up with channel LVLUP Dojo to stream Zelda Williams, daughter of famous comedian Robin Williams playing “Zelda: Breath Of The Wild”.

Netflix Picks Up The World-Wide License To A New Anime Godzilla Movie

Netflix has announced the world-wide distribution rights for an upcoming Godzilla anime-film. This will be the first time studio TOHO Animation has animated the nuclear-waste born monster in 60 years! Along with the announcement are some visuals giving you a bit of an insight into the world to come.

Take A Look At “I Am Setsuna” Switch-Exclusive Temporal Battle Arena

i am setsuna - switch

Tokyo RPG Factory’s latest game “I Am Setsuna” debuted with Nintendo’s latest console the Switch, but many features for the switch still haven’t been made available. This is the case with “I Am Setsuna” and its party-on-party temporal battle arena. While the feature will be available as a free-dlc Switch owners will have to wait for Nintendo to update its current Switch software.

Until then, checkout a small-clip of the upcoming “Temporal Battle Arena”.

Source: Youtube

“Your Name” First Dubbed Trailer Released Along With Advance Ticket Sales

your name movie

We’re a little under a month away from “Your Name” theatrical release. Funimation Film is getting ready for the release by allowing fans to purchase tickets in advance. In addition to the pre-sale tickets you can catch the first trailer for the dubbed version of “Your Name” below.



Want to buy tickets early? Click Here

Source: Youtube

Japan Gets 1st Exclusive “Ghost In The Shell” Movie Trailer

ghost in the shell movie japan

Ghost In The Shell’s Hollywood adaptation is finally making it to the silver screen, oddly enough it will hit North American territories a full week before Japan. The studio behind the manga turned live-action have given the Japanese a sneak preview of what’s to come. Checkout the first Japanese-exclusive trailer for Ghost In The Shell below.

Amazon Prime Licenses “Delinquent Hamsters” – Hamsters Gone Bad

delinquent hamsters

Okay, you know the anime market is competitive in North America and the rest of the world when Amazon resorts to licensing an obscure but potentially funny anime titled “Delinquent Hamsters”. Don’t have prime? No problem, you can catch the first episode on Youtube with English subtitles and if you know Japanese you can watch six more episodes! Checkout the first episode below courtesy of Youtube and Piso STudio.

Caroline And Justine Make Appearance In New “Persona 5” Trailer

persona 5

Meet the wardens of the velvet room, Caroline and Justine in this new “Persona 5” trailer.


Persona 5 will launch in North America & Europe April 4.

How To Fix Nintendo’s Switch Joy-Con Wrist Strap (Video)

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Tutorial

So you bought a Nintendo Switch and hastily installed the joy-con’s wrist strap, maybe and most likely unintentionally you installed the strap incorrectly. Nintendo has the solution and they’ve made a video tutorial to show you how.

Source: Youtube

Upcoming Spring Anime “My Hero Academia” Season 2 Gets Character Promo Video

my hero academia 2

TOHO Animation’s Youtube channel updated with a preview of the upcoming “My Hero Academia” second season. The 27 second slip reveals character Denki Kaminari, whose quirk seems to be the control of electricity and Eijiro Kirishima, who has the ability to harden his hands and body.

There will be a recap episode airing in Japan on March 25. The second season will begin simulcasting in West April 1.

Source: Youtube

Discotek Media Acquires “GoShogun” TV Series And “The Time Etranger” Film

Discotek Media has a history with picking up classic anime titles and today is no different. Yesterday the retro-picking publisher announced plans to release two fan fan favorites: GoShogun and The Time Etrange.
GoShogun - 1981

GoShogun originally aired on TV Tokyo in 1981. The series was written by Takeshi Shudo and directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. Discotek Media will release the series and film uncut sometime in 2017.

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