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Super Meat Boy Plus Two Indies To Be Released On The Nintendo Switch

Super Meat Boy Switch

The Nintendo Switch will be getting a boost to its game roster with the addition of three indie games: Super Meat Boy, Mutant Mudds and Inversus. While Team Meat was busy announcing their big news on Twitter, Nintendo had an announcement of their own.

Checkout “Darkrai” Kicking MewTwo’s Butt In New Promo Video

Pokken Tournament For The Switch

Pokemon Tournament DX will be heading to the Switch September 22. As the date draws closer The Pokemon Company has slowly but consistently promoted videos showing off the amazing Pokemon you’ll be able to battle with and against. The newest video shows off a dark-type Mythical “Mon Darkrai“. Click More to see Mon Darkrai in action.

Kodansha Releases New Attack On Titan Promo Video For 23 Volume

Attack On Titan Manga 23 Volume

[Warning! Video May Contain Potential Spoilers]


The volume will be split and preorders for the limited edition will get you Levi’s scarf and Erwin’s looptie. The limited edition will be priced at 2,270 Yen.

Source: ShonenJump’s Official YT Channel

Sony Buys Holding Company Group 1200 Media, Parent To FunimationNow & Funimation

Otaku Culture is really becoming quiet valuable to mega-corporations. Just yesterday we reported the unfortunate news of Daisuki closing. Today we celebrate a victory for otaku culture, Sony Corp. has agreed to purchase the parent corporation to Funimation, Group 1200 Media. The price tag was a whopping $143 Million USD. Not too bad of a sale for Gen & Cindy Fukunaga and their investors. Don’t you remember?

Not-So-Popular Streaming Service “Daisuki” Shutting Down October

Daisuki Closing Down

It’s kind of surprising that Japanese companies couldn’t win against international and popular streaming services like FunimationNow and Crunchyroll. I say this because “” had the backing of several recognizable and powerful animation studios such as Toei Animation, Aniplex, Sunrise and even a government fund with the sole purpose of distributing Japanese pop culture around the world.

They did try. While Daisuki may have been late to the streaming game the backing of a handful of power players was suppose to make up for it. The streaming service partnered with Tokyo Otaku Mode and launched their own white-label store. They also hustled games in the form of ads  from Aniplex and Bandai Namco. They added a social feature that would allow users to “list” their anime.

The library is another topic… They had a mixture of classics, shared-licenses and a few exclusives but nothing too special that Crunchyroll and FunimationNow didn’t already acquire.

Daisuki will be missed. Read More to read the official message from the streaming company.