Monthly Archives: October 2018

Warner Bros. Taking “Attack On Titan” To The Big Screeen

Variety, a weekly magazine that focus on the entertainment industry has reported a deal between Kodansha and the juggernaut Hollywood studio, Warner Bros. The deal gives Warner Bros. movie studio the rights to create a live-action version of “Attack On titan” was finalized Monday.

“Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission” 1st Official Trailer For Upcoming Switch Game

Dragon Ball Heroes

Super Dragon Ball Heroes marks the latest expansion of the Dragon Ball universe. Bringing what was an original trading card gameĀ  released back in 2008 onto a modern gaming console, the Nintendo Switch!

Blizzard Ent. And Nintendo Team Up To Release Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Bundle

Nintendo Switch Diablo 3 Bundle

Blizzard Entertainment and the Nintendo Co. are collaborating on a new project, the “Diablo 3: Eternal Collection.” The special-edition console will retail for $359.99 and includes enough extras to justify the cost and quick wait.