Netflix Releases 2nd Godzilla Singular Point Teaser

The last official announcement for Godzilla Singular Point was three months ago. Netflix released the first teaser for “Godzilla Singular Point” in late October. The trailer showed off unique-character designs, some kaiju and a few of the characters. There wasn’t much else you could take-away from a 1-minute clip. Netflix finally delivered more! Continue reading

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Finally Announced

GA Bunko is celebrating 15 years of existence. Naturally the light novel imprint celebrated with an event and a barrage of announcements, one standing out among them was “Goblin Slayer” season 2. The announcement of a second season arrives just a year after the release of “Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown.” The Goblin Slayer feature-film released February 2020 that further extends the series, animating the 5th light novel. Continue reading

“Burning Kabaddi” Gets A New Character Reveal Ahead Of 2021 Airing

Burning Kabaddi, a hot-blooded sports manga written and illustrated by Hajime Musashino revealed a new cast addition. Shunsuke Takeuchi (Mob Psycho 100, Bungo Stray Dogs) will play Shinji Date. A second year student at Noukin High School who once excelled as a Baseball pitcher. An unfortunate injury leaves Shinji’s baseball dreams dashed. He begins looking for a new club in high school and Shinji gets invited to join the Kabaddi club. Shinji’s been an active High School Kabaddi player for 6 months. Continue reading

AnimeJapan Making A Comeback This Decade With 2021 Dual Convention

AnimeJapan is finally making a comeback. The convention hasn’t been around for the last two years and covid-19 botched AnimeJapan 2020. The committee and sponsors seem determined to continue the convention. This upcoming year marks the 8th time AnimeJapan has been held. In celebration the organizers have themed the upcoming 2021 event as the “8th Edition” using the number 8 and the ∞ (infinity) symbol. Continue reading

Crunchyroll Drops Trailer For CR-Original “Onyx Equinox”

Crunchyroll has another original on the way, “Onyx Equinox” a mix of “The Last Air Bender” and “Avatar” made exclusively for mature audiences. The anime streaming giant is no stranger to dark and violent shows, releasing original anime like Goblin Slayer and “The God Of High School.” Onyx Equinox only adds to Crunchyroll’s bloody-unique intellectual property.

Continue reading

Crunchyroll Original “The God Of Highschool” Debuts July 6th

Crunchyroll original “The God Of Highschool” will make its summer debut July 6, 2020. Crunchyroll uploaded a new video to their Youtube channel promoting the upcoming, summer action series launch. The God Of Highschool is being co-produced between Crunchyroll and Webtoon officially marking their second production in partnership. The first being “Tower Of God.” 

In addition to the trailer we have a new visual featuring some of the main cast.

the god of highschool original crunchyroll



Here’s Crunchyroll’s  official Synopsis:
Jin Mori has proclaimed himself the strongest high schooler.
His life changes when he’s invited to participate in “God of High School,” a tournament to determine the strongest high schooler of all.
He’s told that if he wins, any wish he makes will be granted…
All the participants are powerful contenders who fight their hardest for their own wishes.
What awaits them at the end of the tournament?
A chaotic battle between unbelievably strong high school students is about to begin!

The God Of Highschool will premier on Crunchyroll, July 6 2020.

Source: Crunchyroll Youtube