7 Fun Facts About Nintendo And Their Characters


nintendo logoNintendo is a company many know for their famous characters like Mario and Donkey Kong. Ask anyone on a college campus and they are sure to know the name Nintendo. They are synonymous with gaming much like Apple Inc. is with computers and phones. But over the course of 100 years, yes Nintendo is 126 at this time of writing, the company tried many business models that ultimately led the company to conceive, develop and publish many memorable games and gaming consoles the world has come to love and enjoy.

Listed below are a few facts about the Nintendo company that may or may not come as a surprise. Nintendo is rich with history and ambition making them a very interesting company with many trials, tribulations and accomplishments to record.

01 – Nintendo Owns 2 Of 10 Most Valuable Franchises In The World
Nintendo Franchise
You read the title correctly. Nintendo pumps-out game after game with a console or two every few years giving them large sums of money with every launch. Famous characters and amazing consoles bring them a never-ending stream of money year after year. The franchise and character Mario has been featured on every console developed by Nintendo with the character headlining many titles like Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros.

There other world-dominating franchise is Pokemon. A 1996 Gameboy rpg-game that sold millions of copies world-wide and spawned everything from manga to feature films.

02 – Nintendo Koppai 

Play Card Company Nintendo

Nintendo was originally founded as a Trading Card Game company with the game Hanafuda. It would take another 87 years before the company began making games and gaming consoles that took over the world.

03 – 3d Gaming In 90’s With Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy Console

Virtual reality has recently been making the headlines with major new outlets, but Nintendo was one of the early pioneers in the field with the development of  “Virtual Boy,” a “virtual” headset that allowed the wearer to play games in 3d.

The headset and it’s games were a massive failure. Nintendo shuttered the operation a year after its release with millions spent on development and promotion.

04 – Nintendo Pioneered The D-Pad (Directional Pad)

Original Donkey Kong Handheld

Leave it to Nintendo to change the game of games. The company and one of their employees Gunpei Yokai, who once washed the floor of the company offices, developed what is widely known as a “directional pad.” While other game console makers had their own Nintendo patented their version leaving rivals to develop similar but less-refined d-pads. The best example is “game & watch”, Nintendos Donkey Kong handheld game.

05 – Nintendo Loves Sports So Much They Own A Baseball Team

Nintendo's Baseball Team

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The company has placed their leading character Mario in just about every sport-themed game imaginable: Mario Golf and Mario Tennis anyone? Nintendo originally bought the Seattle Mariners for their Nintendo Of America operation and have remain the majority owners ever-since.

06 – Nintendo Purchased Rights To Adult Films To Protect Mario’s Brand

Super Hornio Bros Was Real

Now this may or may not be true but why would Ron Jeremy, a former adult star for adult movies lie? He claims that Nintendo purchased two exclusive-rights to two adults films bearing the name “Super Hornier Bros” & “Super Hornier Bros II.” Not the most tasteful name for any film. Funny enough, an adult movie starring “bawser” is still available somewhere on the internet. We won’t give the film’s title but its out there.

07 – Mario Didn’t Always Have The Name Mario

Mr.video In Donkey Kong

Mario’s original name was Mr.video or Jumpman. The latter came from the first Donkey Kong game where Mario (aka jumpman) first made his appearance. The name Mr.Video originated when the creator wanted a memorable character they could place in multiple games. A dispute with a warehouse manager would eventually lead the company to rename their Mr.Video character to Mario to pay homage.

As you can see Nintendo is a very interesting and promising company. They continue to develop games featuring there super-star characters and have a new secret-console in development codenamed “Nintendo NX.”  Watch out for Nintendo. They’ll be here for years to come.


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