Nintendo To Launch 2DS In Japan With Retro Colors

Pokemon is turning 20 years old and Nintendo is celebrating in a very, very cool way. The company famous for character like Pikachu, Donkey Kong and Mario will release the Nintendo 2DS handheld in Japan. Even better are the retro-exclusive colors for the new devices: red, blue, green and Pikachu yellow.

The red and blue color have already been introduced to European and American markets. The green and yellow will be exclusive to Japan. Each console will contain a pre-downloaded copy of Pokemon from the original Game Boy days.

Pokemon first appeared in 1996 as Pocket Monsters: Red & Green with the blue version launching a year later as a special edition. Pokemon green version never released outside of Japan but instead was remade as Pokemon Leafgreen for the Gameboy Advance. A few years later a yellow edition would be made and launched, Nintendo named it Pokemon Pikachu Yellow.

This may come as a surprise but Nintendo didn’t release the handheld in Japan, ever. The original Nintendo 2DS were launched alongside the launch of Pokemon X&Y back in 2013. Even though Japan didn’t receive the console America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand did.

If you’re Japanese or foreigner who nabs one of these amazing, pokemon-celebratory devices Nintendo has something special waiting for you. The chance to download Mew, a rare Pokemon for Pokemon X&Y or Pokemon Mega Ruby/Sapphire.



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