Crunchyroll Nabs “Active Raid” For Winter 2016 Simulcast

Winter anime is finally here and Crunchyroll is on a roll with a simulcast license for “Active Raid.” The anime will begin airing in Japan on January 7 2016. Crunchyroll with be simulcasting the first episode same day at 10:30 AM. 

Crunchyroll members outside of the US and Canada should be excited. Regions outside of Asia are included for the simulcast. Bless4 and AKINO will be performing the opening theme song “Golden Life.” While Yuka Aisaka will be performing the ending song entitled “Clear Night Sky.”

The chief director will be Gorou Taniguchi with Noriaki Akitaya serving as the main director. The script will be written by Naruhisa Arakawa.

The story is a scifi fiction based in Tokyo where crime has spiraled out of control. The plot follows “The Eighth”, or Special Public Security Third Division Third Mobile Assault Eight Unit. The members of “The Eighth” use exoskeleton units to combat the extreme crime ridden Tokyo. It is assistant inspector Asami Kazari job to report the units actions to her superiors, but her underlying agenda is to transform the group from the inside out.

A list of the cast members and their roles can be found on the official site along with visuals.

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