Funimation Launches “Funimation Now” Streaming Service

Funimation is taking 2016 to a new level. The company famous for publishing titles like Dragon Ball and Fairytail are completely revamping their streaming service, something fans have been hoping for years now.

Funimation Now comes with three different “types” of accounts:

Basic Account – $0
The basic account is just that. A very bare-bones account with access to a fragment of Funimation’s library complete with ads in videos.

Subpass Account – $5
The SubPass account comes with a few extra bonuses when compared to the basic account features. This particular account are for sub-lovers, or people who don’t want or mind not having dubs. You can watch your favorite anime with subs in HD 1080P or 720P. This account also comes with access to a private forum and unlimited device streaming again subtitles-only.

All-access Pass Account – $7.95
The All-Access Pass account comes with some pretty cool extras that include Funimation store promotions, subtitles and dub videos ad-free and exclusive videos along with every feature of a Basic or SubPass account.

Funimation Now Launch Video

Funimation is launching the promotion with a free 30-day trial, double their original promotion of 14 free days. Funimation Now is free to signup with promises that new mobile device apps will also be available in the following months.

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