Sega Getting Ready For 25 Years Of Sonic

Nintendo is celebrating 20 years of Pokemon and they’re doing it in a big way. A slew of movies, merchandise and games will be released for 2016 but another popular gaming company are celebrating too, Sega and Sonic. Sega is celebrating 25 years of Sonic and the year going forward looks interesting. 

Sega is expanding its Sonic licencing efforts with apparel, figures, plushes and style guides. They are also making 2016 a “year of celebration” for the Sonic franchise but give little details as to what or how they will be celebrating. It wasn’t that long ago that Sega was touting mobile gaming as the future for the gaming company but after poor financial results the companies CEO restated they would go back to making quality console games their fans demanded.

Sonic Advertisement
This is the advertisement Sega posted inside industry toy magazine marking Sonic’s 25th anniversary.

As far as we know Sega has a Sonic Boom Nintendo 3DS game readying for a 2016 launch and the Sonic comics published by Archie Comics. The statement also revealed Sega plans on having “branded events”, but that could be anything from a pop-up store in Japan to full-fledge Sonic expo. Either way, Sega and Sonic are preparing to have a incredible 2016.


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