Checkout “Sailor Moon: Death Buster” 1st Season 3 Visuals

Sailor Moon New Visuals

It’s been a whole two years since the latest reboot from Toei Animation. Sailor Moon Crystal debuted summer of 2014 with the first two season available for world-wide stream on NicoNico. The series ran from July 2014 to July 2015. Then the series took a breather.

A series as popular as Sailor Moon was never going to be gone too long. Today the official website updated with a preview of three new sailor girls: Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn. In addition to the new visuals you may notice a slight change to character design. It certainly has a more 90’s feel to it.

The changes come from the new character designer Akira Takahashi. A new director will also be taking over the show, Chiaki Kon. Which should help with the pacing of series third arc. The official website also hinted to a new Sailor Moon project ready to be unveiled at Anime Japan in March.

The announcement could be anything from a theatrical movie release to a formal announcement of the seasons third and inevitably fourth arc. Any news will be good news and we’ll be reporting on any new happenings with Sailor Moon coming this March.


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