Official Website For “All Out!!” Anime Updates With Visual

All Out Fall 2016 Anime
Visual For All Out!! Anime – Tagline “Anyone Can Be A Star Here”

The official website for fall’s unique anime centered on rugby was updated with new visuals on the main cast and included a list of the VIPs for the project.

The Director: Kenichi Shimizu
Series Composition: Masahiro Yokotani
Scenario: Shingo Irie
Character Designer: Masanori Shino

Madhouse isn’t new to the anime-sport genre. The studio is currently busy animating “Prince Of Stride: Alternative.” A 2016 anime that began airing earlier this year. TMS Entertainment will also be helping with the animation/production. All Out!! is the first and only manga to have an anime adapted around this particular theme.

All Out!! is centered around a popular sport, rugby. Loved and watched my millions of people across the world. The original manga was written by Shiori Amase, a female Mangaka that had her breakthrough in Kodansha’s Morning Two magazine. The series began serialization in 2012 with news of an adaptation happening in late 2015.

The story has a good audience with reviews coming in positive. The anime is set to debut this Fall. No mention on a licensee but it’s still a little early for Fall licensing news. Funimation has licensed MadHouse’s previous sports anime so maybe they’ll grab this unique anime too?

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