Sony Shuts Down Playstation TV Globally

Sony is shutting down the Playstation TV only a year and half since its ambitious push into the set top-box market. This one really could have been a home-run for Sony and the rest of the  Playstation environment. In theory the Playstation TV was the complete package with all the right things going for it. 

Originally the Playstation TV was Sony’s solution to enter’s China’s burgeoning console market. A banned market reinstated. Probably thanks to the billion dollar in potential revenue. Sony failed. The Playstation TV will cease tobe sold in Japan, North America and Europe. The Playstation TV could have been so much more.

Sony made a lot of promises with the Playstation Vita. In theory, with the guts of a PS Vita, the Playstation TV should have been capable of running most of it’s games and apps. At launch the Playstation TV had two apps, Crackle and Crunchyroll. Kudos for Crunchyroll. Instead of Netflix they gave the option to download or stream from the Sony Entertainment Network.

Additionally Sony has decided to shut-down the Playstation Vita store. You can still buy in-game items and you won’t lose the games you spent hours downloading, no instead you will  have the option to re-install them from Sony’s online ecommerce shop. The officialy Playstation site doesn’t have any news, their Japan counterpart has stated “its ceased shipment.”

You can get this at a bargain right now at most online retailers. Amazon has it priced around $50, not bad but for a black-brick with no support but software tinkering and emulators might just be the future for this unique, god-like potential Sony device.

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