“Pokemon Co-Master” Coming Soon To A Smartphone In Your Pocket

The Pokemon Company isn’t wasting time in their attempt to takeover mobile gaming. The company has teamed up with a famous A.I Japanese firm to create a new board game-like Pokemon mobile game.

Pokemon Co-Master Trailer

Heroz Japan is well known for their creation of artificial intelligence. Their software was able to compete on a “professional” level beating professional Shogi players. The company has also created a few mobile games: Shogi Wars and Heroz Chess.

The game resembles that of Japanese Shogi (Chess), or Chinese chess (GO). Players will have the ability to play online and compete against one another. The artificial intelligence comes into play as a aid for player.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo  announced earlier “Pokemon Go.” A virtual augment-reality game that blends the real world with the Pokemon universe. This title will have a global release but “Pokemon Co-Master” will remain exclusive to Japan.

The game will be available this Spring in Japan for the iOS and Android.

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