Shonen Jump To Publish Monthly “Boruto” Manga

It looks like the offspring from Naruto and Hinata will have his own official monthly manga. Shonen Jump’s “next generation” website officially announced the new manga to be publish in Shueisha’s Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump beginning May 9th. Naturally this will make it’s way to Viz Media’s Shonen Jump.

In addition to Boruto, a new one-shot manga for Naruto, written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, will also be published. Boruto will not be written or illustrated by Masahi Kishimoto. In his place will be Mikio Ikemoto, a close assistant to Masahi Kishimoto. Ukyo Kodachi, best known for the novel adaptations of Macross Frontier and Mobile Suit Gundam Age will provide scripts with Kishimoto supervising.

The Naruto one-shot to be published alongside side Boruto’s manga will be written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto himself.

The manga is no surprise. In 2015 a movie was released entitled “Boruto: Naruto The Movie” and was a complete success financially and with fans. A second Buruto movie is planned but lacks a release date.

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