Tokyopop Releasing Disney Hard-Book “Alice In Wonderland”

2011 is the year Tokypop, a former manga-publishing powerhouse led by the not-so-awesome Stu Levy, shut down operations. Tokypop isn’t remembered in otaku circles to be anything but greedy and lame but before they completely shattered their image and reputation the company spearheaded shojo manga in the states. Titles such as “Love Hina” and “Chibi Vampire” lined the shelves of Barnes & Nobles with a sweet $9.99 price-tag. Young girls bought volume after volume cementing Tokyopop forever in Otaku history.

Now the company is back and this time they aren’t really focusing on Japanese manga but instead taking the easy route licensing mega-franchises from Disney. The first title with no date on a release is “Alice In Wonderland”.

Alice In Wonderland Hard-Cover Graphic Novel

Tokypop will also release “Finding Nemo”, just in time for the upcoming summer-blockbuster “Finding Dory.” This will also be a hard-cover book with a few less pages and about $5 less than the “Alice In Wonderland” book.

Tokyopop’s got a lot of rebuilding to do in terms of reputation but I have no doubt both titles will make them some money. This is Disney material after all, it helps that both franchises have upcoming theatrical movie releases in the near future too.

Although you can clearly see the website plastered all over the pictures there’s absolutely no information on their website. Last time the product page was update was October, of last year…

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