Playstation’s Next Update Lets Players Game On PC & Mac

Playstation 4 users will finally have the ability to play there games from just about anywhere now. Tomorrow (4/6/2016), Sony will be updating the Playstation 4 software to allow players the ability to play games on PC & Mac. The update also brings some new broadcasting and social features. 

Now this isn’t exactly a “new” update. Previously players could access games from their Playstation 4 library via the Playstation Vita as long as the console was on and connected to the internet. Connecting to the PC will require a application and connection with a gamepad. Broadcasting via Dailymotion is now an option.

Social features include the ability to schedule time and date for a specific game. Players will also have the ability to appear offline and get notified when a friend signs-in. Additionally the Playstation Plus Hub will be updated giving players easier access to their library and free space.

This update is abig one. Considering the last update to the system’s firmware was September, this is more than a surprise. It’s a spring-time gift from Sony to their players.

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