Toei Animation Celebrates 60 Years With “Pop In Q”

Toei Animation have been around for whopping 60 years and to celebrate they created “Pop In Q.” An upcoming theatrical movie soon to be released in Japan. To keep the hype around their release the studio released another trailer, giving you a peek into a new character or two we didn’t see in the first and broadening the “story” of the girls.

Trailer #2 (Newest)

Trailer #1

Toei will naturally be providing the animation while Naoki Miyahara sits in the directors chair. He’s been with Toei Animation since the Dragon Ball days and was considered to be a key animator for Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

The story for “Pop In Q” revolves around five young girls transitioning from middle school to high school. Their situation is further complicated by a mandatory quest to save a magical world using song and dance. The trailers give you a good idea of where this story is heading. “Pop In Q” is far from Toei’s Dragon Ball days but still shows off their beautiful animation and attention to visuals and story. Hopefully they continue to be around for the next 60 years.


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