Final Fantasy Jumps Into Your Pocket With “Mobius Final Fantasy”

Square Enix released a trailer to celebrate the official launch of “Mobius Final Fantasy.” The latest smartphone game in the Final Fantasy lineup. Mobius is billed as a “console-quality” game packed into an app. 

Mobius Final Fantasy Announcement Trailer

While fans are still waiting for the upcoming “Final Fantasy XV” to be released next month, Mobius serves as an appetizer, maybe more? The new game was written by Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy X) and the  game brings back the notorious “job system”, allowing you customize your character’s job and skills as you progress. Completing in-game content unlocks more content and character customization. Mobius will offer a “unique” mobile turn-based system. Each attack will have to connect with the next in rhythm.

mobius final fantasy gameplay

Mobius Final Fantasy Gameplay Screen Shot #1

mobius final fantasy gameplay 2

Mobius Final Fantasy Gameplay Screen Shot #2

Square Enix’s latest attempt to create app’s worth buying in-game goods is working. The game has positive reviews and it’s only been out for a good two days. Now, this isn’t “Pokemon Go,” but a “console-quality” app with a “free” price-tag isn’t too bad either.

I guess this will have to do while we wait for “Final Fantasy XV.” The next Final Fantasy installment is due out on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One Septermber 30th 2016. Square Enix recently announced a “season pass” that will be downloadable with a digital pre-order for the whopping price $84.99. You can also get the pass by ordering the “Digital Premium Edition.”

Mobius Final Fantasy is out today for the iOS & Android. The links are below.

You can get the iOS version here, or the Android version here.

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