Nintendo To Sell 2 Million Nintendo Switch’s By End Of March

CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima told Japanese Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki that the Nintendo Switch will not replace the Nintendo 3ds, nor does the company intend to sell the system at a loss in hopes to recover from 3rd party software sales or future sales of the hybrid console. Nintendo will listen to consumer’s expectation concerning the price of the system. 

Tatsumi Kimishima - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo CEO – Tatsumi Kimishima

According to Mochizuki, Kimishima stated “The fiscal year’s financial guidance will see 2 million Nintendo Switch units sold by the end of March 2017.” Nintendo’s upcoming hybrid console will be launched sometime in March 2017.

The CEO of Nintendo also reiterated the new system was never intended to obsolete the Nintendo 3ds and that the company plans to continue with both game and software development for the mega-popular portable console.  Nintendo previously stated they have 48 publishers, developers and middleware partners signed-up to support their upcoming console, Nintendo Switch. More information on the Switch will be available in 2017.

new nintendo switch console

The Nintendo Switch’s graphic processor will be powered by a unique NVIDIA Tegra chip and the NVIDIA GPU, a high-definition display and two Joy-Con controllers along with a Nintendo Switch Dock that givers players the ability to connect the console to a T.V.

Nintendo’s been very quiet about their latest console, revealing very little in the first trailer for consumers they launched last Thursday. One thing is for sure, they expect the console to sell 2 million units within the first month of global release, and are confident consumers will understand the difference between their mega-hit Nintendo 3DS to their upcoming hybrid console Nintendo Switch.


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