“Final Fantasy XV” 101 Introduces You To Characters, Gameplay And More

Square Enix, the developer and publisher for the popular fantasy and sci-fi role-play series will be releasing their long, long-awaited “Final Fantasy 15,” simultaneously and around the world this November 29. The game was built for both long-time fans and new players that may have not had the chance to play a “Final Fantasy” game. In anticipation for the release the publisher has released a small but expansive “tutorial” video showing you characters, abilities, the world and of course gameplay.

The video above gives details on the main characters, story-plot on Eos and expansive environment and world. You’ll also learn about items, abilities and cool-flying cars that are only matched by the exotic creatures that will either aid in your journey or leave you to be a rotting corpse.

While the game is a little more than a week away from release footage is proliferating quickly around the web. Sites like Youtube are being bombarded with videos from various regions showing off the spectacular but still unreleased game. Reports from IGN and Youtube are showing certain regions and players being able to purchase a copy in Saudia Arabia, Peru and other areas in Europe. Nevertheless, Final Fantasy 15 should provide both new and old time players with an expansive world full of characters, sub-plots, mini-games and exploration.


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