Upcoming Winter Anime “Granblue Fantasy” Shares Character Visuals

Upcoming anime film and series “Granblue Fantasy” will officially make its debut January 21, 2017. In celebration for the release the studio, A-1 Pictures updated the official twitter account with some key visuals of the main characters.

Granblue Fantasy 2017

Granblue Fantasy, was originally a mobile-japanese RPG developed and published by Cygames. The game was published in 2014 for the iOS and Android. While the anime adaptation was announced in 2015 with a release date sometime in 2016 it was delayed for unknown reasons. The “Granblue Fantasy” mobile-game was also adapted into a light novel, released the same year as the game.

“Granblue Fantasy,” will be simulcast by Crunchyroll in North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Aniplex Of America is the licensee of the title but will partner with Crunchyroll and Daisuki.net for simulcast streams.

Granblue Fantasy Story Summary

The Granblue Fantasy story begins in a world with floating islands. A world the god’s have forsaken. The hero begins his adventure after receiving a mysterious letter from his missing father followed by his floating-island “Zinkenstill” becoming engulfed in flames. He is accompanied by a family member named Vyrn, a winged-lizard. In his pursuit to find his father the hero has a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named Lyria, who awakens the “The Fallen Dragon Of The Stars.”

The anime will be broadcasted in Japan on Tokyo-MX and AbemaTv. Later broadcast will be on AT-X and BS11.

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