Crunchyroll Uploads “Yu-Gi-Oh: Darkside Of Dimensions” Dub Sneak Peek

Crunchyroll updated their Youtube account with a sneak peek of the upcoming anime movie “Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark Side Of Dimensions.” Checkout the awesome English dub and animation for one of “Yu-Gi-Oh’s” biggest movies yet.

“Yu-Gi-Oh: The Darkside of dimensions” is the fourth installment in the 20 year-long franchise. Darkside Of Dimensions was originally released in Japan April 23, 2016. The film will make its debut in America and Canada January 27, 2017 with Australia, receiving a special screening February 2, 2017. The film is being directed by Satoshi Kuwabara and was written by Kazuki Takashi.

The story is takes place one year after “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” and will be an original story outside of the manga and anime tv series.


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Source: Crunchyroll

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