Tekken 7 Adds Additional Game Character “Eliza” Becoming Bonus DLC

Tekken Revolution, Bandai Namco’s failed free-to-play experiment will shutdown March 21. 2017 but they aren’t letting the money they invested go straight to the garbage, no it’s time to recycle. “Eliza,” a vampire who once spent a 100 years in a coffin after slipping in with the intentions of taking a nap only to awake 100 years into the future. While awake she has a tendency to fall directly into sleep.

This will be the bonus character for people who pre-order Tekken 7.

Funny enough, Eliza will now have made two appearances in two different games Tekken 7 and Tekken Revolution. She will also have been a DLC character for both games. While you’ll have to pre-order Tekken 7 to unlock “Eliza” in the free to play title she was earned by collecting “Blood Seals”. You could earn a “Blood Seal” in “Arcade Battles” and”Online Mode.”

Tekken Revolution Eliza
(Tekken Revolution Eliza)


Watch Eliza’s Tekken 7 Introduction Trailer Now

Tekken 7 will be launched June 2, 2017. A little later than their original 2017 Spring prediction but on its way is better than another delay.


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