Netflix Picks Up The World-Wide License To A New Anime Godzilla Movie

Netflix has announced the world-wide distribution rights for an upcoming Godzilla anime-film. This will be the first time studio TOHO Animation has animated the nuclear-waste born monster in 60 years! Along with the announcement are some visuals giving you a bit of an insight into the world to come.godzilla anime-film

Godzill Anime-Film Visual #1

godzilla anime-film visual 1

Just with the visuals alone you can tell the world will be expansive and with an emphasis on technology bringing Godzilla into a sci-fi-ish world.

Godzilla Anime-Film Visual #2

godzilla anime-film visual 2

The upcoming anime-film will be directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita. Animation will be done by Polygon Pictures. The screenplay was written by Gen Urobuchi. Netflix will release the film after the Japanese theatrical. Godzilla will hit Japanese theaters sometime later this year.

Source: Oricon

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