Discotek Media Announces Multiple Upcoming Film Releases

AnimeNEXT, a convention held once a year for a few days in Atlantic City just finished wrapping up tonight. The convention may be over but we have some news from Discotek Media, multiple anime films in Blu-Ray and DVD are coming from the Florida boutique DVD/Blu-ray publisher. Read more to checkout visuals and dates.

Here’s a list of films and series Discotek Media announced:

1. HELLS – 2008
hells anime

2. Kaiba – TV Series 2008

3. Galaxy Express 999 – 1979
galaxy express 999

4. ADIEU Galaxy Express 999 – 1981
adieu galaxy express 999

Some of these titles will come in a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack while others will have separate releases. We’ll keep you updated on the progression of these titles as they come closer to being released here in the West.

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