Sony Buys Holding Company Group 1200 Media, Parent To FunimationNow & Funimation

Otaku Culture is really becoming quiet valuable to mega-corporations. Just yesterday we reported the unfortunate news of Daisuki closing. Today we celebrate a victory for otaku culture, Sony Corp. has agreed to purchase the parent corporation to Funimation, Group 1200 Media. The price tag was a whopping $143 Million USD. Not too bad of a sale for Gen & Cindy Fukunaga and their investors. Don’t you remember?
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If you don’t, that’s understandable. Lets not forget that this isn’t the first time “Funimation” has been sold. While the company has expanded and evolved over the years the company origin started with the moniker Funimation Productions before changing its name once more after its sale to Navarre Corporation to Funimation Entertainment. The Navarre Corporation would later sell the company back to a group of investors, including the original founders for a low $24 Million USD.

Oddly enough, the rumored price Navarre Corporation paid for Funimation Productions was an astounding $133 Million USD. It was a mixture of stock and cash. Another surprise is the 5% Mr.Fukunaga will retain with this sale. He’s most certainly going to benefit even more from this acquistion. Group 1200 Media will most certainly grow in value as Sony adds its influence, studios and vast catalog across the Funimation properties.

You don’t often get to hear about an acquisition in this particular industry, especially one of this size. This is a great sign for Anime fans and the culture its spawned around the world.

Now in less then a decade you’re witnessing one of the most historical and public sale of an Otaku company. Congratulations Funimation! Sony as your parent will most certainly bring prosperity. We can’t wait to begin seeing some Aniplex titles available on FunimationNow.

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