Super Meat Boy Plus Two Indies To Be Released On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will be getting a boost to its game roster with the addition of three indie games: Super Meat Boy, Mutant Mudds and Inversus. While Team Meat was busy announcing their big news on Twitter, Nintendo had an announcement of their own.

Team Meat Official Twitter Announcement
Super Meat Boy Twitter

Nintendo’s official Twitter account had a big surprise for fans of the retro game Inversus. Coming this fall to Nintendo Switch, Inversus Deluxe. The updated game will include updated maps, ranked multiplayer and new powers.

Mutant Mudds Nintendo Switch

Mutant Mudds, a popular title developed by Renegade Kid for Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U will also make its way to the friends and family console. Unfortunately, like Super Meat Boy, there wasn’t any mention of a schedule release.

All in all the Nintendo Switch is looking like a better purchase this Holiday season. Three extra indie titles and more on the way will only help to sell more consoles, giving Nintendo gains in the market with player retention and more consoles in the family-home.

Source: GameSpot

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