“The Forest” To Make Its Playstation 4 Splash 2018 – New Trailer

the forest playstation 4

Endnight Games must not sleep. The studio behind the single-player first title “The Forest” will finally be releasing this epic survival-horror on the Playstation 4 sometime next year (2018). “The Forest” was originally a Steam green-light title sometime in 2013 – 2014 and has been available on the PC in development and alpha stage.

“The Forest” isn’t an entirely “new” title. It was announced some years ago it would be ported to the Playstation 4. Endnight Games have continued developing and expanding on content and features since inception.

Gameplay Capture – The Forest
the forest game capture 00

Multiplayer is something recently introduced, the first patch is still being modified but will allow you to link-up with other plane crash survivors, gather resources and work together to survive the night. Bugs and glitches are still around but expected fixes and patches will have the multi-player side soon stable.

Surprisingly, Endnight Games will be developing a version for the Oculus Rift. You’d assume with the announcement of a Playstation 4 port we might hear something about Sony’s Playstation VR and a promising horror-co-op.

The Forest’s trailer highlights many interesting features. Here are a few we think are unique:

Survive The Night
Okay, not only do you have to survive in some random forest after surviving a plane crash but now you’ve got to dodge Cannibals! We can see this being incredibly fun and entertaining in both co-op and multiplayer. Just imagine large communities and hordes of Cannibals. The various weapons use to massacre only completes it.

VR Support
VR games are steadily improving in their quality. “The Forest” is being built with the Unity 5 engine. It’ll be interesting to see how the engine performs on the Oculus. If the Playstation 4 port sells we can hope for a PSVR port to soon follow. While “The Forest” isn’t an entirely ground-breaking VR game multiplayer and co-op modes may improve the overall VR experience and it’s VR!

The Forest Trailer

The game has very positive reviews on Steam with most reviewers giving suggestions and praises. The announcement didn’t leave any clues as to whether the game will be in full for launch or if the developers will move on to an open beta. Expect more news.

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