Nintendo To Release “Mario Kart Tour” For iOS And Android In 2019

Nintendo is at it again in their effort to capture more of the $20 billion dollar mobile game market. The company Tweeted a simple but effective message letting fans know a new title will be heading to their pockets in about a year…

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo announced their ambitions to launch mobile titles just a few years ago. It sent their stock soaring and put fans on hype-mode. The hype was quickly killed when Nintendo released the now defunct “Miitomo” app. Nintendo quickly replaced it with the super popular “Super Mario Run”, an amazingly fun take on the side-scrolling originals. It was also “Marios” first mobile appearance.

miitomo app
Miitomo App

Two more hits followed: Fire Emblem Heroes & Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The latter being a controversial free to play title.

Nintendo could do a whole-lot of fun things with a “Mario Kart” app. The “Mario Kart” franchise began in 1992 with “Super Mario Kart” and never stopped. “Mario Kart 64” and “Mario Kart Wii” soon followed. The latest in the franchise “Mario Kart Deluxe” is a port for Nintendo’s Switch console. “Mario Kart Deluxe” has sold over 3 Million copies.

The potential for a successful “Mario Kart” app is tremendious. Nintendo could do a lot with multiplayer, game rewards and achievements. Lets not even discus the potential for virtual reality. Now that would be one awesome oculus port!

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