Warner Bros. Taking “Attack On Titan” To The Big Screeen

Variety, a weekly magazine that focus on the entertainment industry has reported a deal between Kodansha and the juggernaut Hollywood studio, Warner Bros. The deal gives Warner Bros. movie studio the rights to create a live-action version of “Attack On titan” was finalized Monday.

Andy Muschietti

Andy Muschietti

The studio has recruited “Andy Muschiette,” the name and face behind the massively-successful remake of “It.” A story about a psychotic-shapeshifting clown that preys on the children of the town. A film that was adapted from the popular novel “It” and written by the one and only, Stephen King.

Attack On Titan 1st Japanese Live Action


This isn’t the first time “Attack On Titan” receives the live-action treatment. TOHO Pictures released a two-part Japanese, live-action film in 2015. The reviews were poor and fans were unsatisfied with the finish product.

Now that “Attack On Titan” wrapped up part 1 of 2 of its season 3. The franchise has a little time to breath and build some hype for what we all hope to be a successful, western-live-action version of “Attack On Titan.”


Source: Variety 

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