Diablo 3 Gets The Amiibo Treatment!

The “Diablo III: Eternal Collection” hits stores tomorrow (November 2). The special-edition Nintendo Switch will include a downloadable copy of Diablo 3 and come decorated in Diablo graphics. But there’s more! Blizzard and Nintendo are teaming up for an Amiibo collaboration and it isn’t as scary as you might think.

Now if you’ve ever purchased an Amiibo you know it normally unlocks a playable section, costumes or some other cool feature to amplify your gameplay. The “Loot Goblin Amiibo” is no different.

Loot Goblin Amiibo

The Diablo Twitter account promises “Loot Goblin” will “unlock a portal to untold riches.” Now that could mean anything but sounds like a playable dungeon with some awesome loot.

The “Loot Goblin” Amiibo will be available December. A month after the launch of “Eternal Collection.”

We can’t wait!

Source: Twitter

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