“One Piece: World Seeker” Coming To The West March 15th

One Piece World Seeker Gum Gum Bundle

Bandai Namco has finally given a date when the Western part of the world can get their hands on a copy of “One Piece: World Seeker,” March 15th 2019. The open-world action title will be available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Checkout the trailer for some cool footage of Luffy, swinging around the world and kicking some enemies butts!


If your devoted fan, and willing to pony up for a pre-order copy, you’ll have access to an extra mission that finds Luffy exploring Prison Island. There you’ll collect “mysterious rocks” that will help to unlock more gear and material for your adventure. You will also get a cool military and swimsuit costume.

Bandai Namco’s official store will be selling the Gum Gum Bundle for $129.99 and that’s paired with two awesome figures of Luffy and a Devil Fruit.

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