Pokemon Go Prepares For Trainer Vs Trainer Update

   Looks like the teasing for trainer battles coming to Pokémon Go continue. Niantic, makers of the game have been tweeting little hints and dropping tidbits of information on the upcoming update through their official Twitter account. The upcoming feature will introduce three new battle leagues:Great, Ultra and Master. Pokemon Go trainers will have to think strategically, each league will come with Pokémon CP limitations.

         Pokemon Go’s Three Leagues

Pokemon Go players will have to use their head’s for this one. CP limitations on Pokemon will counter the “my Pokemon has more CP than yours” strategy and level out the game for all players.


Pokemon Go Research BreakthroughAchieve Pokemon Research Breakthrough

If you’ve fell behind on your “research breakthrough” goals, fear not. You can catch up on them several times this month, every breakthrough will give you a chance to encounter and catch a Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon available are Articuno, Entei, Moltres, Raikou, Suicune or Zapdos. To complete a “Research Breakthrough” players will have to collect a total of seven stamps. It takes a day or so to collect one stamp, hopefully you aren’t beginning with one.


Source: Twitter


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