Upcoming Pokemon Movie Features MewTwo With New CGI

The Pokemon franchise continues to grow with the upcoming release of “Pokemon: The First Movie: MewTwo Strikes Back.” This comes off the heels of the “Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!” and “Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!” Nintendo Switch games released earlier this year. There isn’t much information given with either the poster or the trailer but a “new-cooler” looking MewTwo has us very excited! Checkout the trailer below! (Read More)

Pokemon: The First Movie: MewTwo Strikes Back Trailer

The first movie MewTwo appeared in was “Pokemon: The First Movie” released in Japan, 1998 and USA 1999. Just checkout the difference in animation and artwork, MewTwo has come a long way….

MewTwo First Movie

The Newest Poster For MewTwo
MewTwo Second Movie Poster


Not much in the trailer but the poster speaks loud and clear. MewTwo is back! Pokemon: The First Movie: MewTwo Strikes Back will be open in Japan July 27.


source: Official Pokemon Movie Site

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