Get Treated By “Dr. Mario” On Your Android or iPhone This Summer

Nintendo took their time entering the mobile gaming market. Their first attempt, Miitomo, was short-lived. Some may call it a failure. The gaming behmoth didn’t give up Nintendo released “Mario Run.” The endless runner featuring Nintendo’s famous mascot Mario created a runaway success.  Nintendo launched three other mobile titles, all successful: Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Dragalia Lost. The latter being a completely new, mobile-first IP.

Nintendo isn’t done with mobile. They want a bigger piece of the pie.

dr.mario box art Dr.Mario 90’s Box Art

Nintendo has officially announced “Dr. Mario World,” a new mobile game based on the 90’s Dr. Mario. The game will be built in collaboration of with Line. The chat app company. Previously Nintendo was working with DeNA. Another Japanese, mobile-game company. Looks like Nintendo is moving on to new opportunities.

Dr.Mario World will be available on the iOS and Android summer 2019.


source: Twitter

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