Dr.Stone Anime Showoffs Main Cast In “Rough Drafts”

Dr.Stone’s official website updated with some new content, rough drafts of the main cast.

Click the “Read More” to get a full look at all the photos of the main cast and their associated voice actors.



Senku – Yusuke Kobayashi 

senku - yusuke kobayashi


senku - yusuke kobayashi 2

Taiju Oki – Makoto Furukawa

Taiju Oki - makoto furukawa


Yuzuriha Ogawa – Kana Ichinose

Yuzuriha Ogawa - kana ichinose

Yuzuriha Ogawa - kana ichinose


Tsukasa Shishio – Yuichi Nakamura

Tsukasa Shishio - yuichi nakamura


tsukasa shishio - yuichi nakamura



1st Dr.Stone Anime Preview

TOHO Animation is the studio behind, Dr.Stone. The summer 2019 anime will begin broadcasting in July. The four main cast members will make an early appearance at Anime Japan promote the upcoming anime. The annual Japanese convention will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight, March 24th 2019.


Source: Dr.Stone Official Website

We’re very excited for Dr.Stone. There’s a lot of potential from the source material. Leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions, statements.

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