Upcoming Original Feature-Film “Hello World” Debuts 1st Trailer

hello world anime film 2019

Tomohiko Ito, the director behind titles like Erased and Swort Art Online (S1 & S2) have finally announced a release date for “Hello World”. An original, full-feature film set to release in Japan 9.20.19.

tomohiko ito

This isn’t Tomohiko Ito’s first film. He directed Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale, a box office success. After two successful-seasons and a full-feature film with the Sword Art Online franchise, the young director seems ready for another success. The thirty second trailer doesn’t give too much info on plot, but with a title like “Hello World” expect another amazing, world-hopping adventure. The official website has even less info unfortunately.

The team seems very focused on getting the product finished. The trailer is short and sweet showing off some beautiful visuals. There’s a good 5 months until Hello World’s theatrical release. We’ll keep you updated if we discover anything new.

Checkout: Hello World Anime Film 2019 – 1st Trailer

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