“God Eater 3” Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer!

God Eater is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch! As of today you can pre-order a copy of “God Eater 3” for the Nintendo Switch, retail price $59.99. God Eater 3 was released for the Playstation 4 and Windows PC back in February, it is third installment in the God Eater franchise. The game was developed by Marvelous Entertainment Inc and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Originally the game was produced by Shift. The former was an indie studio responsible for the first and second titles of God Eater. Shift also developed God Eater Burst, God Eater 2/Rage Burst, and God Eater Resurrection. READ MORE to get all the God Eater 3 news.

god eater 3 pre-order costumes

Some notable features for the God Eater 3 port:

This must be the most important new feature to the game. God Eater 3 originally was only available on the Playstation 4 or a Windows PC. Nintendo Switch allows the game to spread to a younger audience, one that is “on-the-go” but ready to game solo or with a group of friends. Which leads us to next awesome feature.

Mulitplayer seems like a no-brainer but it wasn’t too long-ago Nintendo was failing in the online-multiplayer area. God Eater 3 serves as a great example of the company giving the customer what they want. The ability to play online and play with friends. In addition to the extra features adding social layers to the game, God Eater 3 is expansive. Much like the entirety of the God Eater franchise.

God Eater 3 Nintendo Switch Port Announcement

A pre-order will nab you some exclusive “Tales Of Vesparia” costumes.

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