Final Trailer For “Godzilla: King Of Monsters” Leaves You Wanting More

We’re a solid month away from “Godzilla: King Of Monsters”  prompting Warner Bros. to bestow the “final” trailer. The trailer is  only two minutes long but showcases several epic titans fighting it out with Godzilla. The trailer does reveal a lot about the movie’s plot and characters. They’re memorable but Godzilla versus a epic-pack of Kaiju is really why you have to see this in theaters. Click the Read More to watch the trailer and get the release date.Warner Bros. sequel to Godzilla (2014) only took them a whole five years but it’s finally here! Thankfully, Legendary will be the production company once more with Warner Bros. handling distribution. TOHO will have distribution rights in Japan. Michael Dougherty will direct.This marks the 35th Godzilla film and a sequel is already planned, Godzilla Vs Kong 2020. Surprising, considering the time it took to release “Godzilla:King Of Monsters.” We still can’t wait to see it!

This all fits in well with the “MonsterVerse” Legendary and Warner Bros. have been pitching to public and investors. Godzilla, is big bucks! The first film had a budget of $160 Million and grossed a whopping $529 Million in box office ticket sales. In contrast, Gozilla:King Of Monsters has a budget of $200 Million. What’s an extra $40 Million when you know you’re about to make an epic-monster fighting movie?

godzilla:king of monsters

Godzilla:King Of Monsters will be released May 31. Some markets will see the movie title as Godzilla II:King Of Monsters.

What do you guys think of the Titans? Would you fight alongside Godzilla?

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