Pikachu Guarantees You Will Love 7-Eleven’s “Mystery” Slurpee

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is finally out in theater’s across the States. Many of you are probably still enjoying the movie and some popcorn. Once the movie’s over maybe you’ll drop into your local 7-Eleven for one their “mystery” Slurpee that taste very similar to cherry.

detective pikachu 7 eleven promotion

If you were watching Pokemon in the 90’s, you know how long 7-Eleven has been promoting the Pokemon Franchise. The first Pokemon movie, distributed by Warner Bros. tied a promotion that allowed anyone who purchased a slurpee to receive a realistic-plastic Pokéball. The promotions never ended. It may have taken a decade but 7-Eleven and it’s enormous customer base still love Pokemon. Just checkout all the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu deals.

detective pikachu 7 eleven promotion 02 That’s right, 1$ Slurpee!

If you’re looking to score some free promotional items,7-Eleven has you covered. Here’s a list of free stuff you can get with a 7-Eleven app download:

Free Pizza – 4/10 – 5/21

Free Mini-Tacos (4-count) – 4/17 – 5/21

Free Coffee – 4/24 – 5/21

Free Bone-In Chicken Wings (5-count) – 5/01 – 5/21

detective pikachu 7 eleven promotion 03

Maybe you just need a bottle of water after all that salty-buttery popcorn, a 2 for 1 is a great deal. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is now playing in theaters. Let us know if you’ve seen it in the comments.

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