Apple Watch Players lose Pokemon Go “Adventure Sync” Features

Unfortunately, coming in just one month Niantic will drop support for the Apple Watch. Their explanation was simple and logical. The Adventure Sync feature is readily available on any phone that can download and run Pokemon Go. Why support a second, non-primary device? There are roughly 50 – 100 Million Apple Watches sold. Since apple doesn’t provide that data a lot of numbers are “rough estimates”. In contrast, the Pokemon Go app has been downloaded over 800 Million times across iOS and Android devices. Apple Watch owners most likely have an iPhone and the “Adventure Sync” feature is an optional mode with very cool rewards.

Read More to learn how to turn on “Adventure Sync” in Pokemon Go for iOS and Android

pokemon go on apple watch Apple Watch Says Goodbye To Pokemon Go


Adventure Sync is an optional feature available to any Trainer level 5 and above. The feature allows you to track you kilometers/miles whether Pokemon Go is being played or not. This saves battery life while rewarding you for staying active in Pokemon Go. The feature will help you earn “Buddy Candy” and “hatching eggs.” When your Pokemon-buddy has found candy or one of your eggs are ready to hatch you can enable push notifications. Something the Apple Watch did effectively but far from necessary.

How To Activate Adventure Sync on iOS and Android
Adventure Sync Optional Feature

Enabling the “Adventure Sync” feature is fairly easy:

Step 1: Tap – Main Menu Button
Step 2: Tap – Settings Button
Step 3: Tap – Adventure Sync

You must also remember to always have your location-permissions on and connected to Apple Health or Google Fit. Upon completion you’ll be prompted to enable the connectivity. If you ever want to opt-out of “Adventure Sync” just revisit the settings page and uncheck.

Pokemon Go will cease functionality on the Apple Watch, July 1, 2019.

Source: Niantic

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