SoulCalibur VI Season 2 Pass Gets Plenty Of DLC Plus Cassandra

evo 2019 soulcalibur

Soulcalibur VI season two is coming and Bandai Namco wants to show off some highlights with a trailer. Check it out below to see what’s in store for Soulcalibur VI’s second season.

In addition to a new season pass, guest characters making crossovers and an updated gameplay. Bandai Namco will be releasing “Cassandra,” a female-fighting warrior from Soulcalibur II. Her sister “Sophitia” has been a playable character in all the other Soulcalibur’s, including Soulcalibur VI from the very start. Checkout the official reveal below.

Bandai Namco revealed all this at EVO 2019, an annual esports competition with a strict focus on fighting games. Soulcalibur VI is available now for the Playstation 4, Xbox 1 and Steam.

Source: Bandai Namco Official Youtube

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