Capcom Teases “Project Resistance” A Resident Evil Co-op Multiplayer

The official Resident Evil Youtube channel announced “Project Resistance.” The latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise. Capcom’s spin off entry into the Resident Evil universe was a bit spoiled by the leaked images a few months ago. Many people pointed out the possibility of a “multiplayer” Resident Evil and social media ran with the the theory.

Today that theory is confirmed with a minute teaser trailer for Project Resistance.

This isn’t Capcom’s first time creating a multiplayer Resident Evil. The first comparison could be 2004’s Resident Evil Outbreak. REO, came with co-op and multiplayer support. While the game received positive feedback in Japan and North America it lacked what many consider a basic-feature today, voice-chat. The European release was also poorly mishandled and an entire region of games (PAL) didn’t have the multiplayer feature by the default. That will all change with Resident Evil: Project Resistance. Digital-distribution is the norm and voice chat has numerous options. Resident Evil: Project Resistance will be one incredible-zombie-slaughtering game.

resident evil outbreak

The announcement comes ahead of the 2019 Tokyo Game Show with promises of more information being released. The teaser trailer is certainly interesting. You have a handful of new characters with some basic starter weapons slaughtering zombies from the beginning. This is awesome. The Resident Evil universe was designed for multiplayer.

Resident Evil: Project Resistance will be available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. More news will be released at the Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Source: Polygon

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