Upcoming “Dragon Ball FighterZ” Character-DLC Announced – Brolly (DBS)

Fans of Bandai Namco’s popular 2.5d fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ” can expect an early Christmas present, character-DLC Brolly. While Brolly’s Dragon Ball Z form was available shortly after launch, the game is approaching a critical age (2) and there are many more Dragon Ball games releasing over the next few months. A new character, especially one as popular as Brolly, is always a refreshing welcome. The update will be Brolly’s Dragon Ball Super form and makes for the Dragon Ball character’s second appearance from two separate universes!

Checkout the official announcement trailer below! Checkout footage of Brolly (DBS) in action after the “Read More.”

Looks like Brolly (DBS) will be the last DLC for Dragon Ball Fighterz this year. In addition to Brolly, you can now play as Jiren, Videl, Kid-Goku, Janemba and Gogeta.

fighterz pass 2

Brolly (Dragon Ball Super) will be available for Dragon Ball FighterZ, December 5th 2019.

Source: Official Bandai Namco European Channel

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