Capcom’s “Rockman X DiVE” Confirmed For Q1 Mobile Release

Rockman X DiVE has had a “rocky” start. Capcom first announced the game Spring of 2019, promising a late 2019 launch. A few months later the game launched a beta test. The Beta must have been successful, Capcom announced a 4th quarter launch. 2019 came and went without a word on Rockman’s next mobile adventure. Now that the Holidays have rolled around Capcom Taiwan’s holiday joy revealed some unexpected “Rockman X DiVE” news.

In addition to the thoughtful holiday message from Capcom Taiwan, we now know “Mega Man X DiVE” will be released between January – March. The rumor circulating Taiwanese social media is a Android and iOS launch in early February. Although it is just a rumor. A quick search on the Play Store for Mega Man showed these results:

Mega Man Play Store Search
mega man play store

This isn’t the Rockman’s first mobile jump. Capcom has released Mega Man 1 – 6 for the Android at the low-low price of $1.99. This is however Mega Man’s first appearance exclusively built for mobile platforms. The upcoming title will feature CO-OP, PVP, 3V3 and Boss Challenge Mode. In addition the multiple-modes and upgraded engine, the real icing on the cake is the multi-player/co-op feature.

rockman x dive co-opYes! You Can Now Play Mega Man with Friends and Family across the world. Epic.

Rockman X DiVE is a side-scrolling, action-platformer for the Android and iOS. The game was built with the same engine used for “Mega Man Maverick Hunter X,” a PSP port for the “Mega Man X series.” The X series began as a spin-off to the original Mega Man series. The Mega Man X series saw success on several mobile-gaming platforms like the Nintendo 3DS and PSP. It was only natural for Mega Man to land on our phones. Now it’s just a waiting game…

Source: Capcom Taiwan Twitter

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