“Pokemon The Movie: Coco” Teases Summer Release With Two New Trailers

Spring is just around the corner and summer is trailing it’s coattails. Soon it’ll be warm out with barbecues grilling and long-summer nights with friends and family. The perfect occasion to gather around and watch the latest Pokemon film “Pokemon The Movie: Coco.” The twenty-third(23) film in the decade-spanning franchise.

Pokemon The Movie: Coco Teaser Trailer #1

Pokemon The Movie: Coco Teaser Trailer #2

Tetsuo Yajima and Atsuhiro Tomioka will be leading the project at OLM/Team Kato. Atsurhiro Tomiota will be writing the script with input from director Tetsuo Yajima. Both have been with the Pokemon franchise for some time. Tetsuo Yajima directed “Pokemon The Movie: The Power Of Us” (2018) and Atsuhiro Tomioka has been writing scripts for Pokemon for several years.

Pokemon The Movie: Coco will be released Japanese theaters 7/10/2020. International audiences follow shortly after.

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