Crunchyroll Licenses And Streams “Digimon Adventure:Anime” 2020 Reboot

digimon adventure 2020

“Digimon: Digital Monsters,” is finally making a comeback with a reboot entitled “Digimon Adventure: Anime.” Crunchyroll has the license! Fans of Digimon have fond memories of the early ’90s when Digimon first made its way overseas in 1999 (overseas) and ended in 2000 with a whopping 54 episodes. A second season began to air in 2000, entitled “Digimon: Digital Monsters 2,” ending in 2001 with 50 episodes. That’s a total of 104 episodes. Twenty (20) years later we now have an entire reboot “Digimon Adventure: Anime” and it’s available today (April 4) on Crunchyroll’s streaming platform. Checkout the official reboots promo-trailer from Crunchyroll below.



It’s the year 2020.The Network has become something humans can no longer do without in their daily lives.But what humans don’t know is that on the other side of the Network is the Digital World, a realm of light and darkness.Nor are they aware of the Digimon who live there.

Widespread Network difficulties arise, centered around the Tokyo area.Traffic signals blink chaotically, public outdoor TVs display garbled text, and so on.The news reports it as a case of cyberterrorism.

Fifth grader Taichi Yagami stayed home by himself to get ready for a weekend summer camp, but his mother and little sister Hikari went to Shibuya, and now they’re aboard a runaway train.Taichi hurries to Shibuya to save his mother and sister, but the instant he heads toward the station platform… a strange phenomenon befalls the DigiDestined, and Taichi goes to the Digital World!The DigiDestined meet their partner Digimon, and they’re faced with an adventure into the unknown…!

Digimon Adventure S1

Official Digimon Adventure: Anime Reboot Promo Poster

While “Digimon: Digital Monsters” had two season and 104 episodes there’s no word on a second season for the upcoming reboot. The reboot may also contain less episodes but that’s hard to imagine with the popularity of similar series. Pokemon anyone? We’ll continue to keep you updated on any news of a “Digimon Adventure: Anime” Season 2. Until than enjoy one of the best anime-reboots of the decade tonight (10 PM Pacific Time) on Crunchyroll.

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